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Nissan LEAF Test drive

Nissan LEAF drives around metropolitan Bangkok all-day on a single charge

World’s best selling EV undertakes Thailand’s first all-day test drive experience, putting to the Nissan LEAF to the  ‘future of mobility’ test 

BANGKOK, Thailand (July 24,2019)– 

The world’s best-selling electric vehicle (EV) the Nissan LEAF was the center of a five-day test drive activity, the first EV test drive of its kind in Thailand ‘rEVolution education’ zone, which offers them immersive EV experience every organized in Thailand. Part of the event, Nissan in Thailand took the all-new LEAF on a full-day test drive, in varying traffic conditions across Bangkok and neighboring suburbs to prove its extended range on a single charge. 

Nissan LEAF Test drive 006

Thailand’s first  ‘rEVolution education’ installation, set up at G Land Rama 9, offers insights into the Nissan LEAF, giving the opportunity to experience the world-famous EV’s best technologies and capabilities. 

Across four individual zones, visitors can see Nissan Electric Café, where a bicycle generates power to produce personalized coffee,  Nissan Electric photo booth (physical activity powers the camera) and the Nissan LEAF Charging Station where plugging in the car allows videos to play. Journalists will also get behind the wheel of the all-new Nissan LEAF, and test its performance in tough urban environments from Bangkok to Nakhon Chai Sri, all on a single full charge via home wall box infrastructure.

Nissan LEAF Test drive 007

Ramesh Narasimhan, president of Nissan Motor Thailand, said the LEAF test drives will help raise EV awareness, give potential LEAF owners the peace-of-mind to know that they can drive all day with confidence, and demystify misconceptions and inaccuracies around charging ecosystems in Thailand. 

"These exclusive LEAF media test drives, combined with the ‘rEVolution education’ zone, offer visitors the most immersive EV experience ever organized in Thailand,” he said.

“Each one clearly illustrates how the all-new LEAF handles tough urban driving conditions that Bangkok and neighboring cities have to offer with flying colors. Moreover, it only takes a single overnight charge from an ordinary wall box like those used for home installations to enjoy even more than a full day of driving.”

Nissan LEAF Test drive 002

The event was the first official test drive for the all-new Nissan LEAF under the “Simply Amazing” concept in Thailand under the ‘rEVolution’ theme. The ‘silent’ test drive route covers a total distance of over 140 kilometers to illustrate how personal driving techniques help minimize the vehicle’s energy consumption, and bring peace-of-mind to daily driving. 

Drivers can experience Nissan LEAF’s revolutionary e-Pedal technology, transforming the way people drive by enabling acceleration, deceleration, and braking with the simple increase or decrease of the pressure applied to the accelerator. By releasing the accelerator, the car will decelerate and come to a complete stop, even holding on a hill, without the need to press the brake pedal. With a deceleration rate of up to 0.2G, the e-Pedal eliminates the need for drivers to constantly move their foot from the accelerator to the brake pedal to slow down or stop. This helps reduce fatigue and stress in daily city driving, allowing the driver to use the brake pedal up to 90% less than in conventional cars.

Nissan LEAF Test drive 013

A series of on-track tests include flat torque and acceleration, the e-Pedal ability to handle speed through a slalom course and one to demonstrate the cabin quietness - all while receiving full technical support from a Nissan EV expert. The all-new LEAF’s advanced new 40kW e-powertrain provides 110 kW of power output and 320 Nm of torque for improved acceleration from 0 to100 km/h in only 7.9 seconds. It also has a range of 311 km according to NEDC standard.

The all-new LEAF features a broad set of advanced Intelligent Driving technologies designed to improve driving confidence, enhance safety and reduce stress, including Forward Collision Warning, Forward Emergency Braking, Intelligent Around View Monitor with Moving Object Detection, and Driver Alert Assist. 

Participants will get to experience these and see why the all-new Nissan LEAF is the best selling EV in the world, with more than 410,000 units sold, and an icon of Nissan Intelligent Mobility, and how Nissan in Thailand is actively contributing to the ongoing development of Thailand’s electrification ecosystem.  

70 Years of Nissan EV

Visit Nissan’s innovative ‘rEVolution’ concept and learn about the all-new LEAF Electric Vehicle and the electrification ecosystem in Thailand,  simply visit G Land Rama 9 from 27 to 28 July to experience and sign up for a test drive.

In addition, customers who reserve their all-new Nissan LEAF will receive a three-year or 100,000-kilometer vehicle warranty, an EV system warranty for five years or 100,000 kilometers, and a battery deterioration warranty for eight years or 160,000 kilometers. 

There are currently 32 certified dealers across Thailand offering product information, and after-sales service by skilled engineers.

For more information on the all-new Nissan LEAF, please visit one of its certified dealers nationwide, or contact the Nissan Call Center at 02 401 9600 or go directly to Nissan's LEAF page