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Wearnes Volvo New Showroom Huamark

Wearnes Volvo New Showroom Huamark


Wearnes Automotive reveals its innovative Volvo showroom at Huamark,

going ‘Beyond Experience’ and exuding a Scandinavian-inspired sense of calm

Volvo is redefining what a customer experience in an auto showroom should be, with a new concept highlighted by a warm, Swedish welcome. The “Volvo Retail Experience” (VRE) features client-focused interactions in open Scandinavian-style spaces that are “cool on the outside, warm on the inside”. Offered by Wearnes Automotive Pte. Ltd., Thailand’s biggest authorized Volvo dealer, the stress-free experience is designed to transform perceptions and go “Beyond Experience” when buying and consulting on purchases of vehicles, or getting them serviced. The excitement can be experienced today at Volvo Wearnes Huamark, Bangkok.

Wearnes Volvo New Showroom 020

  Mr. Adrian Ip, Managing Director, Pacific Thai Motorsports - Wearnes Thailand says, “With more than 112 years of experience in the region, the group is dedicated in providing a service that is truly ‘Beyond Experience’. The new Volvo Showroom demonstrates this by providing excellent customer service in a holistic environment highlighted by openness and high levels of visual transparency.”

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“The new concepts are designed to provide seamless experience to customers placing heavy emphasis on un-paralleled customer service. We strive to change how consumers engage with the Swedish brand. This is why Wearnes Huamark has already adopted the new VRE as a cornerstone of its new corporate identity”

The Volvo Retail Experience focuses on opening up the natural space and design of each dealership by lending it a Scandinavian sense calm, through architecture with clean lines.

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The aim of VRE is to create an open environment for customers in which high levels of visual transparency are key. Interior glazing allows customers to see all activity in the new workshops, turning the spotlight on what is often regarded as the back of house. Inside the showroom, there is a balanced focus on physical and digital presentation, making sure the sales and service areas are completely integrated and conducted with a sense of openness. This is an indicator of the trust between Volvo and the company’s customers.

Wearnes Volvo New Showroom 001

This new way of retailing, designed to make customers feel relaxed and at ease in an environment where their time spent here is respected, optimizes flexibility and fluid motion in the waiting, working and assessment areas. The showroom has been transformed into a living room, where customers can relax on Scandinavian furniture, enjoying free Wi-Fi and coffee, while the front area is dedicated to a contrasting ‘street’ area displaying Volvo’s new car range.

Wearnes Volvo New Showroom 016

“The emphasis on customer comfort is due in part to Volvo’s desire for aftersales customers to wait while their car is serviced. The main idea is improving the customer experience by increasing efficiency. Most services should be completed during the visit” says Mr. Adrian Ip.

Wearnes Volvo New Showroom 022

Interior windows with glazing ensures the waiting customer can see exactly what is going on in the workshop. Thoroughly trained Volvo Personal Service (VPS) technicians assigned to specific cases for customers will consult with them directly in a welcoming, homey environment, and can escort them into the workshop to see first-hand if any further repairs or maintenance needs have been spotted on their car. By 2019 Wearnes expect to service an average of 30 cars per day.

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  Wearnes is a leading luxury automotive retailer in Asia Pacific that takes pride in providing customers with the seamless and customized “Wearnes Experience”, which is synonymous with the standards of excellence of the luxury that we represent. We are committed to providing optimal solutions for your car to ensure that all journeys in a Volvo go smoothly and safely.