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Setting Safety and Comfort Benchmarks with New Mitsubishi Triton

Setting Safety and Comfort Benchmarks with New Mitsubishi Triton


Mitsubishi Motors have designed, developed and built pickup trucks with class-leading performance, technology and durability. In fact, Mitsubishi Motors focused on comfort and safety from the very first pickup truck, even though pickup trucks in those early days were for commercial use only. Private-use pickup trucks did not come onstream until about 20 years later. This has made Mitsubishi pickup trucks one of the leaders in safety and comfort, in addition to race-winning performance.

Mitsubishi Triton Safety and Comfort 001

“The reason Mitsubishi Motors focused on comfort even when pickup trucks were just commercial vehicles is because our engineers understand that comfort leads to increased safety,” said Mr. Morikazu Chokki, President and CEO, Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

“By adding comfort, it takes away the stress and burden of driving. This allows our drivers to be more alert of surrounding conditions and focus on driving and the road ahead. It also provides our passengers a more pleasant and refined journey to their destinations,” Mr. Chokki explained. 

New Mitsubishi Triton continues with this philosophy and is still one of the best-equipped pickup truck in its class in terms of safety, comfort and technology. 

At the core of New Mitsubishi Triton’s safety and comfort is the RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) impact-safety body. Mounted on a durable, tough and resilient chassis frame. It was tested in the toughest conditions around the world. Consequently, occupants are protected by an efficient energy-absorbing structure that is deformation-resistant. Durable and tough, the body also uses corrosion-resistant, high-tensile steel panels to reduce weight and increase rigidity. 

Mitsubishi Triton Safety and Comfort 002

With such a high torsional rigidity, safety of the overall structure is improved since a rigid chassis allows engineers to tune the suspension for superior driving dynamics without compromise. A stiff structure also reduces squeaks and rattles, allowing engineers to focus on eliminating other noise, vibration and harshness from the cabin, giving better refinement and comfort. Additionally, sound-proofing and anti-vibration materials are placed strategically around the vehicle. 

Advanced active safety technologies are then built onto this platform. These include Forward Collision Mitigation using camera and laser radar systems to detect vehicles and pedestrians ahead; Blind Spot Warning with Lane Change Assist warning against sideswiping another vehicle when changing lanes; Rear Cross Traffic Alert checking behind the vehicle for cars crossing during reverse, and Ultrasonic Misacceleration Mitigation System reducing accidental use of the accelerator when moving off or reversing.

Other advanced safety technologies include Multi Around Monitor using four cameras to monitor the area around the vehicle, with a bird’s eye view image of obstacles on the display, and Parking Sensors that work to provide assistance parking. Variants with 4WD capability also come with Hill Descent Control that helps maintain a consistent speed while descending a steep gradient. Other safety features include Active Stability Control, and Auto High Beam. 

Mitsubishi Triton Safety and Comfort 003

Previously limited only to more expensive premium vehicles, these advanced safety features come as standard in New Mitsubishi Triton, making it far more comprehensively-equipped when it comes to safety compared with rival models. 

On the move, New Mitsubishi Triton is a safer drive thanks to larger ventilated disc brakes with twin-pot calipers at the front. Handling is also improved with tuned suspension that takes advantage of the rigid chassis and body, giving better ride comfort as well as driving dynamics over all driving surfaces. A higher ground clearance and greater approach and departure angles ensure New Mitsubishi Triton’s is comprehensively capable on and off the road. 

With Super Select 4WD-II that comes with Active Traction Control, New Mitsubishi Triton is a capable off-roader with four drive modes including 2H (2WD High-Range), 4H (4WD High-Range) working like full-time all wheel control, 4HLc (4WD High-Range with Locked Transfer) and 4LLc (4WD Low-Range with Locked Transfer). There are also four Off-Road Modes including Gravel, Mud/Snow, Sand, and Rock. A Rear Differential Lock provides unparalleled performance off road.

Mitsubishi Triton Safety and Comfort 005

Safety also comes in the form of comfort for the driver and passengers, an important factor with Mitsubishi pickup trucks. Towards this end, the interior is lined with higher-quality soft-touch materials and improved functionality. Multiple trays and cubby holes are provided for convenience, as well as strategically-placed USB sockets for front and rear passengers. The driver faces a color LCD Multi Information Display with 3D Animation and high-contrast combination meters with higher-definition graphics. Readability of the in-car navigation display is improved with finer-pitched map scale adjustment. Other conveniences include Voice Control with Hand Free Switch, Multi Information Display Switch on Steering Wheel and day-night Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror. The interior also features a unique Rear Air Circulator built into the roof panel that supply fresh air to rear occupants.

Together with the tuned dampers, the interior of New Mitsubishi Triton is quiet and refined, offering comfort levels akin to passenger cars.

Powering New Mitsubishi Triton is Aluminum four-cylinder MIVEC VG Turbo 4N15 Clean Diesel engine, with best-in-class 430 Nm of torque and 181 PS. The superior fuel economic engine comes with Auto Stop and Go system that turns off when idling to reduce fuel consumption. The drivetrain consists of a new six-speed automatic transmission tuned for performance with the highest operational efficiency, quietness and economy. 

Mitsubishi Triton Safety and Comfort 006

New Mitsubishi Triton is completed in Advanced Dynamic Shield with a more powerful and tough design with futuristic elements. The auto-levelling Bi-LED headlamps and fog lamps give a bolder and massive front-end. The end result is a pickup truck that is advanced on all levels including safety, technology, design and performance. 

New Mitsubishi Triton is available as a Double Cab, Mega Cab and Single Cab. Prices start at THB 654,000.