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Nissan recognised loyal employees

Nissan recognised loyal employees

Honorable Service Award Ceremony Recognizes a Combined 6,000  Years of Service by 269 long-service employees and 42 retirees Tenure shows the true strength of Nissan in Thailand and re-enforces the critical role employees play in the success of the company. 


Nissan Motor Thailand recently honored 311 employees at its annual retirement and honorable service award ceremony in recognition of their loyalty and devotion to helping build the company’s legacy in Thailand over the past 66 years.

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The 2018 award ceremony honored 269 employees who achieved between 10 and 40 years of service to Nissan in Thailand – with an impressive combined total of 6,000 years service -  along with 42 retirees and their family members, at its KM 22 auditorium in Bangna. 

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“I believe that the true strength of a company is reflected in the tenure of its employees. Today we see just how strong Nissan is based on the loyalty of its employees as we honor 269 of our long-serving employees and 42 retirees,” President Antoine Barthes said in his opening remarks. “I want to thank each and every one of you for the passion and commitment you have shown every day. Nissan Thailand and Nissan globally sincerely appreciates your commitment and loyalty.”

Nissan vehicles are exported to more than 100 countries globally and, through the quality of its products, Nissan employees in Thailand have helped take Thai manufacturing to the world through the 6 vehicles it exports, including the new Teana and all-new Nissan Terra – made right here in Thailand for Thailand and SEA.

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One employee who has reached retirement after 19 years of service is Direk Phanthong. He started his career at Nissan in 1989 and currently works in the supply and logistics department. “Nissan was just a small  automotive manufacturer when I joined. Today, I would call it an empire, as the business has expanded enormously and rapidly, with employees are big part of that growth,” he said. 

“Nissan’s techonolgies are second to none, and the company has trained me on updated technologies so I can be member of its skilled workforce, even though I am going to retire in a few weeks. I am certain that Nissan will step up to be the top leading automotive company in Thailand in a matter of years from now,” Phanthong said. 

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Nissan has held this ceremony for more than 10 years as a platform to reward the loyalty and dedication of so many of its valued employees. “I would like to say a heartfelt thanks to all our long-service awardees- and especially to those who are retiring – for their many years of loyal and valued service to Nissan in Thailand,” Barthes concluded.