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Nissan Leasing Thailand unveils a new interactive website

Nissan Leasing Thailand unveils a new interactive website 

Site gives customers additional services and value


Nissan Leasing Thailand recently launched a new interactive website that will make it easier for customers to quickly find Nissan vehicles and finance costs.
The new website will enable customers – at the touch of a button – to make an informed decision on the vehicle they would like to drive, search for the vehicle of their choice, and see their finance options and costs.

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The new features include:

  • A user friendly financial calculator that provides an automated quotation via e-mail so that valued customers can calculate and compare installment plans in just a few steps, with the system sharing the result via e-mail.
  • Interactive communication and service so customers can request a call back service at their own preference.
  • The ability for users to download an e-price catalogue so customers can view updated installment plan information at their own convenience.

“Many of our customers have been testing the site and tell us they are extremely impressed by its ease of use and the information available to them,” said Andrew Maeer, managing director of Nissan Leasing. “Many also found that their budget allows them to afford a higher specification or even a different model than they had anticipated due to the range we are able to offer,” he added.

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Nissan Leasing Thailand plans a second phase of websitre development that will add additional functions including status tracking of customer installments, outstanding balances, annual tax renewals, and an online payment CRM platform. “These updates are designed to ensure that we are putting our valued customers at the heart of everything we do,” Maeer said. 

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