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Lamborghini New Dealer Announcement in Thailand

Lamborghini New Dealer Announcement in Thailand

Automobili Lamborghini appoints Renazzo Motor as its 

official dealer and after-sales service provider for Thailand


  • Mr. Matteo Ortenzi, Automobili Lamborghini Asia Pacific CEO affirms that Thailand is one of the company’s strategic markets in Asia
  • Lamborghini and Renazzo Motor will leverage market strategies to strengthen Lamborghini’s brand image in Thailand and deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction
  • New 5,000 square meter showroom and full-service center will offer the highest service standards under the direction of a management team with more than 20 years’ experience with luxury supercars
  • Lamborghini is committed to customers in Thailand with the set up of a temporary service center, under the supervision of the Lamborghini regional office and their qualified staff, until the official opening of the new showroom and full-service center.

Bangkok – 2 August 2018:  Automobili Lamborghini Asia Pacific today announced it has appointed Renazzo Motor Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Sharich Holding, as the official sole dealer and after-sales service provider for Lamborghini automobiles in Thailand.  Renazzo Motor aims to build Lamborghini’s presence as Thailand’s leading and most desirable super sports car brand supported by world-class service for all customers.

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Mr. Matteo Ortenzi, Chief Executive Officer, APAC, Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A, said, “Thailand is one of our strategic markets in the Asia Pacific region. We appointed Renazzo Motor as Lamborghini’s sole official dealer and after-sales service provider in Thailand on July 12, 2018. The company is now one of 145 dealers in 49 countries around the world that are strengthening the Lamborghini brand, and part of a global network that has consistently received great feedback since 2010.  Our goal is to grow sales together with Renazzo Motor by focusing on Lamborghini’s DNA of being a highly desirable luxury super sports car brand that makes the impossible possible.”

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“Lamborghini chose Renazzo Motor due to three key factors: (i) A solid track record and credibility in the automobile business, a reputation for great customer service, and import capabilities thanks to the expertise of its parent company, Sharich Holding; (ii) A professional and experienced management team that shares the same DNA as Lamborghini; and (iii) High-quality after-sales service delivered by a team that offers world-class knowledge and skills to ensure the greatest satisfaction for all Lamborghini owners.”

“I am proud that we have taken the important step of appointing this new unique Lamborghini dealer in Thailand. I am confident that Renazzo Motor team is ready to deliver the exceptional Lamborghini sales and service experience that will grow our customer base and strengthen our brand image in Thailand and in the region,” added Mr. Ortenzi.

M.L. Nathasit Diskul, Managing Director of Renazzo Motor Co., Ltd., said, “Renazzo Motor starts with people who share the same passion and love for sports cars. Our company is a joint venture between Sharich Holding, led by Mr. Apichat Leenutaphong, and Thailand’s largest importer of Ducati and Royal Enfield big bikes, and Mr. Sak Nana, who is renowned in both the automotive and motor sport industries locally and abroad. The name “Renazzo” is taken from a small town near Bologna, Italy, which is the hometown of Lamborghini’s founder, Mr. Ferruccio Lamborghini.  His vision and daring to be different led to Lamborghini becoming the most beautiful and best-performing super sports car in the world today. This inspired us to form Renazzo Motor with the goal of maximising the image of Lamborghini in Thailand, and following Ferruccio Lamborghini’s vision that every one of our cars is far more than just a sports car, which will drive us to be ready to change the future.”

“Renazzo Motor will follow three main strategies: (i) Strengthening Lamborghini’s brand image through creative marketing activities, CSR programs, and engaging with target buyers; (ii) Ensuring complete customer satisfaction by offering high levels of service and (iii) Delivering integrated after-sales service by a professional team with world-class expertise. This will elevate Lamborghini in Thailand to fulfill its vision of being the luxury super sports car brand most desired by people around the world,” he added.

Renazzo Motor’s plans to move its business forward include:

  • A showroom and full-service center: “Lamborghini Bangkok’s” 5,000 square meter showroom and full-service center will offer the highest standard of service for all models of Lamborghini automobiles. Seven service bays featuring advanced equipment can handle more than 1,000 cars per year. A management team with 20 years of experience in luxury supercars will oversee highly-trained mechanics who will provide checkups and maintenance for all Lamborghini models, with close attention to detail and the highest safety standards to ensure total customer satisfaction. The new showroom and service center is scheduled to open around the end of 2018.
  • Temporary service center:  Whilst the new showroom and full-service center is under construction, and in order to ensure the highest standards of servicing to all Lamborghini customers, Renazzo Motor will open a temporary service center on September 1, 2018. It will be under the supervision of the qualified staff from the Lamborghini regional office and will provide services including checking and maintaining all models of Lamborghinis using genuine parts.